I have been involved with administration in various ways since I was a graduate student. Recently, my administrative work has become a formal part of my job responsibilities and is closely related to my teaching and research interests.

Administrative Positions

Assistant Writing Program Administrator, San José State University, 2015-present

Writing Program Assessment and Evaluation
Graduate Teaching Associate Coordination
Faculty Hiring, Development, & Assessment
Writing Program Course Requirements
University Writing Requirements

Assistant Director of Writing Programs, Arizona State University, 2009-2011

Program and Policy Review
Website Maintenance
Program Newsletter
Program Research and Documentation

Related Activities

Search Committee, Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs, SJSU
Educate for Engagement & Innovation Strategic Planning Taskforce, SJSU
Co-Chair, 2nd Annual Education for Liberation Conference
Co-Chair, CCCC@SJSU, CCCC Regional Summer Conference
Deans’ Leadership Academy, San José State University
Academic Affairs Leadership Discovery Group, San José State University
Elected Member, CCCC Executive Committee
“Leadership in the Academy and Profession,” RSA Pre-Conference Workshop
“Assessment 101@SJSU,” Full-Day campus workshop
“Applying the Quality Matters Rubric,” Quality Matters Workshop
“Assessment 101,” Full-Day WASC workshop

Program Administration by the Numbers

San José State University Fall 2015-Spring 2021

Interviews conducted (incl. TA, GA, Instructor, etc.) (avg. ½ hour each, plus coordination, communication, deliberation)>119
TAs supervised (incl. meetings, emails, materials review, mentoring)34 (+6 incoming in Fall 2021)
Instructor (TT/NTT) teaching observations conducted (incl. coordination, pre-observation mtg, materials evaluation, visit, report writing, & post-observation mtg)19 (approx. 81 total hours)
TA teaching observations conducted (incl. coordination, pre-observation mtg, materials evaluation, visit, report writing, & post-observation mtg)39 (approx. 127 total hours)
Formal recommendations, internal (letters/forms/phone, no duplicates)45
Formal recommendations, external (letters/forms/phone, no duplicates)16
Graduate student workshops facilitated (non-TA)9
TA workshops facilitated (incl. required trainings)15
TA meetings facilitated83
Portfolio norming sessions facilitated11
External speakers/workshop leaders coordinated & hosted13
Internal speakers/workshop leaders coordinated & hosted>5
Professional development sessions facilitated (non-TA faculty)12
Panel presentations given (professional development, non-TA faculty, not incl. opening day dept. meetings)9
Conferences organized (incl. grant writing / planning / team management / quality assurance / budget)2
Faculty seminars conducted (professional development, incl. WAC)2
Committees related to program administration>8
Program assessments administered (incl. designing/revising materials, facilitating process, messaging, tabulating results, etc.)11
Co-authored pieces (15 co-authors, incl. 14 students, no duplicates)4