Reinventing (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Edited by Andrea Alden, Kendall Gerdes, Judy Holiday, and Ryan Skinnell

Reinventing (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies collects original scholarship that takes up and extends the practices of inventive theorizing that characterize Sharon Crowley’s body of work. Including sixteen chapters by established and emerging scholars and an interview with Crowley, the book shows that doing theory is a contingent and continual rhetorical process that is indispensable for understanding situations and their potential significance—and for discovering the available means of persuasion.

The scholarship collected in Reinventing (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies takes Crowley’s notion of theory as an invitation to develop new avenues for believing and acting. By reinventing the understanding of theory and its role in the field, this collection makes an important contribution to scholarship in rhetorical studies and writing studies. It will be valuable to scholars, teachers, and students interested in diverse theoretical directions in rhetoric and writing studies as well as in race, gender, and disability theories, religious rhetorics, digital rhetoric, and the history of rhetoric.

“When they sculpt Sharon Crowley’s likeness into the Mount Rushmore of Writing Studies, the chapters in this superb collection will be worthy of reciting at the opening ceremony. A fitting tribute and important reading for theorists in rhetoric and composition.” — Peter Khost, Stony Brook University

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