Reinventing (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies

Editors: Andrea Alden, Kendall Gerdes, Judy Holiday, & Ryan Skinnell

Reinventing (with) Theory in Rhetoric and Writing Studies collects 17 essays that take up and extend the inventive practice of theorizing that characterizes Sharon Crowley’s work. The goal of this collection is to reinvent the field of rhetoric and writing studies with new theorizing that gets us to see differently, discover new possibilities for thought and action, and potentially effect change in the field and beyond.


Bruce Horner (University of Louisville)

Introduction: An Effort at Some Origins 
Andrea Alden (Grand Canyon University) 
Kendall Gerdes (Texas Tech University)
Judy Holiday (University of La Verne)
Ryan Skinnell (San José State University)

Rhetoric in Dim Spaces
Matthew Heard (University of North Texas)

The Remains of Theory
Diane Davis (University of Texas, Austin)

Rhetorical Futurity, or Desiring Theory
Kendall J. Gerdes (Texas Tech University)

Black Religion Matters: African American Prophecy as a Theoretical Frame for 
Rhetorical Interpretation, Invention, and Critique
David G. Holmes (Pepperdine University)

When Queers Listen
Timothy Oleksiak (University of Massachusetts, Boston)

Bodily Permutations: How to Train Agentive Bodies
Jennifer Lin LeMesurier (Colgate University)

Corporeal Rhetoric as Embodied Action: Composing in/through Bodily Motion
Bre Garrett (University of West Florida)

Unhurried Conversations: Writing Center Models for Ideological Intervention 
Joshua C. Hilst (Utah Valley University)
Rebecca Disrud (University of Washington-Tacoma)

The Sophist as Mentor: Sharon Crowley’s Rhetoric as a Theory and Practice of 
William B. Lalicker (West Chester University of Pennsylvania)
James C. McDonald (University of Louisiana at Lafayette)
Susan Wyche (University of Hawaii Community College System)

A Brief Etiology of Violence: The Logic of Identity and Metaphysics of Presence
Judy Holiday (University of La Verne)

The Fallacy of Reason
Dawn Penich-Thacker (Maricopa Community College District)

No Body is Disinterested: The Discursive Materiality of Composition in the 
Kirsti Cole (Minnesota State University)

Ludic Rhetorics: Theories of Play in Rhetoric and Writing
Joshua Daniel-Wariya (Oklahoma State University)

Reflections on Being ‘Against Audience’ with Sharon and Others
Victor J. Vitanza (Clemson University)

Theory Building in the Rhetoric of Health & Medicine
J. Blake Scott (University of Central Florida)
Catherine C. Gouge (West Virginia University)

Victimless Leather: Toward a New Materialist Ethics of Invention
Jason Barrett-Fox (Weber State University)
Geoffrey Clegg (Midwestern State University)

Toward a Working Theory of Institutional Rhetorics
Ryan Skinnell (San José State University)

Afterword: Feeling and Historiography
Debra Hawhee (Penn State University)

Beliefs and Passionate Commitments: An Interview with Sharon Crowley