Selected Professional Activities

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Elected Member, CCCC Executive Committee, 2014-2017
Publications Committee, Council of Writing Program Administrators
Assistant Curator, NCTE Gallery, National Gallery of Writing
Founding Member, CWPA Graduate Committee (WPA-GC)
Founding Member, CWPA Graduate Organization (WPA-GO)


Review Editor, Present Tense, 2017-present
Editorial Board Member, Enculturation, 2014-present
Editorial Board Member, NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry, 2014-present
Editor, Writing Notes, ASU Writing Programs Newsletter, 2009-2011


Book Manuscript Reviewer, Flip Learning
Book Manuscript Reviewer, Pearson Education
External Thesis Reviewer, Air University-Islamabad, Pakistan
External Thesis Reviewer, NUML-Islamabad, Pakistan
External Thesis Reviewer, Punjab University-Lahore, Pakistan
Grants Reviewer, CCCC Research Initiative Grants Committee
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, Balochistan Journal of Linguistics
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, College Composition & Communication
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, Enculturation
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, NUML Journal of Critical Inquiry (JCI)
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, NUML Journal of Research in Social Sciences
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, Present Tense
Journal Manuscript Reviewer, WPA: Writing Program Administration
Proposal Reviewer, American Society for the History of Rhetoric Symposium
Proposal Reviewer, Conf. on College Composition & Communication
Proposal Reviewer, Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference
Proposal Reviewer, Feminisms & Rhetorics
Proposal Reviewer, Rhetoric Society of America


Co-Chair (with Jennifer Johnson), 2nd Annual Education for Liberation, 2017-2018
Co-Chair (with Cindy Baer), screen-shot-2016-12-15-at-4-23-50-pm, 2016-2017
Council of Writing Program Administrators Conference Planning Committee
Newcomers Welcome Booth Volunteer, CCCC, 2006-2014
Symposium on Second Language Writing Symposium Assistant, 2009


Educate for Engagement & Innovation Strategic Planning Taskforce, SJSU, 2018 Directed Self-Placement Committee, SJSU, 2017
Writing Requirements Committee, SJSU, 2015-present
Written Communication Core Competency Assessment Group, SJSU
University Writing Committee, Univ. of North Texas


Research Committee, SJSU
Ricco Ethics Award Committee, Univ. of North Texas


Policy Committee, SJSU
Graduate Committee, SJSU
Composition Committee, SJSU, 2015-present
Graduate Admissions Committee, Univ. of North Texas
Rhetoric Committee, Federation of North Texas Area Universities, UNT
Rhetoric & Composition Committee, ASU
Writing Programs Newsletter Committee, ASU
Writing Programs Committee, ASU
Graduate Committee, ASU
Writing Programs Self-Study Task Force, ASU
Vice President, Rhetoric Society of America, ASU Chapter